An Update: Yoshi, Our Wellbeing Dog

Yoshi had a lovely first day at school at the end of term 2, meeting with students in between naps, new places can be quite exhausting for a little puppy! It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm from staff and students who are already coming up with ways to include Yoshi in their learning. This term we will have students working on training manuals, dog treats and recipe books, setting up expectations and helping to settle Yoshi into classrooms. We have already had a student crochet Yoshi a very cute little beanie!

With lockdowns and school holidays lots of time has been spent away from school socialising Yoshi with different places, people, animals, and noises so that she remains the calm and social puppy she is. She has almost completed her puppy socialisation classes, and was so gentle, especially with the puppies that were too timid to socialise with other dogs, slowly building their confidence and then having them follow her lead to get involved with the group. She has absolutely mastered sit, and drop and is managing to stay/wait for an extended period. We are now working to leave things that she shouldn’t eat, and perfecting sitting when people approach out in public and when answering the door, she is already doing so well!

She is growing so quickly and loving playing soccer or frisbee with her family, running beside the skateboard on evening walks, or bounding through the icy grass after her morning snuggles. We look forward to watching her grow and spread happiness with the David Scott School community.

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