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The David Scott School supports young people to reconnect them to their education, their communities and their futures. We achieve this through operationalising an approach that places each student in the centre of their school experience, as active agents in decisions about their education, as collaborators in their learning and as designers of their future. The school model intentionally takes this student-centric approach by embracing the three pillars of:

  • Teaching and Learning – ensuring our students are ‘learning ready’
  • Wellbeing and Engagement – ensuring our students are ‘growth ready’
  • Careers and Pathways – ensuring our students are ‘future ready’

By focusing on these domains, DSS staff are best able to understand and embrace young people’s identity, lived experience, capabilities, challenges and aspirations.

The David Scott School is a senior secondary specialist education program is taught in a small, supportive and personalised learning environment by experienced and committed staff.