Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the David Scott School website, and indeed to our school. I am honoured to be the Principal of what is an inclusive and innovative place of learning, and am thrilled to share information about the David Scott School as a learning community where students, parents and staff are happy and proud to be. I encourage you to take some time to explore our site and understand what makes our school a unique, safe and special place for young people seeking to reengage in a highly personalised learning journey.

Michael Scicluna is an experienced educator, having spent 14 years at the Pavilion School in Preston, working as a teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal for the last four years. During his time at the Pavilion School, Michael has been instrumental in developing innovative programs to deliver best-practice education for students no longer engaged in mainstream schooling. He is an innovative educational leader with a reputation for improving the life outcomes of marginalised young people through education. He has a strong focus on student wellbeing.

Under his leadership, the Pavilion School has become a dynamic learning community that provides a safe and supportive environment for all students. He is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to achieve their full potential and profoundly understands the unique challenges faced by disengaged students from mainstream education.


Michael is passionate about delivering quality education and is committed to providing a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that supports the development of academic and social-emotional skills.

He also recognises the importance of involving parents and families in their children’s education and works to create strong partnerships between the school and the wider community.


Michael’s expertise and commitment to education have been recognised in numerous news articles both in the print and on TV shows such as the 7:30 Report. He is an active member of the educational community and regularly presents at conferences and workshops, sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

“Our collective vision for the David Scott school is establish a nationally recognised secondary educational setting which demonstrates best practice for students who have experienced significant interruptions to their educational journey. For a variety of different reasons, a significant number of young people struggle to successfully navigate the established schooling pathway. At the DSS, we want to provide educational experiences which considers the whole person, supported by evidence-based practices in the domains of Teaching and Learning, Well-Being, and Pathways. The individual capacity of the teams within this triparted model are supported by a shared whole practice approach underpinned by Unconditional Positive Regard with students’ best interest always at the centre of our collective decision making”

We are fortunate to have Michael as our Principal. We are confident that the David Scott School will continue to thrive under his leadership and provide our students with the best possible education and opportunities for success.