Wellbeing & Engagement

The student Wellbeing and Engagement team is a highly valued and well-resourced and part of the David Scott School with multidisciplinary capacity. We understand that supporting the development of young people through a wellbeing and engagement lens is not only vital for their educational connectedness but contributes to lifelong learnings and skills to provide young people with tools to live connected, purposeful and self-directed lives.

The David Scott School uses a specific framework and ‘toolbox’ to provide a variety of options for young people to engage with the Wellbeing and Engagement team. This team utilises evidence-based practices to provide an environment that feels as safe, predictable, and nurturing as possible as well as a collaborative culture to ensure wellbeing and engagement principles are supported school-wide.

Wellbeing and Engagement staff support students one on one, in small groups and in whole class sessions. The team offer a range of wellbeing, resilience, and engagement programs aimed at supporting students to build the skills and confidence they need to provide the conditions for success. In supporting the health and wellbeing of our students programs including; breakfast club, catered lunches, lunchtime activities, student leadership program, respectful relationships curriculum, therapy dog, individual therapeutic support, referral services, creative therapies ensure students have access to an offering that best supports their needs.

Discussions with students are confidential, however wellbeing staff may seek consent from the student and/or parent/carer to share information with specific staff. Wellbeing staff may also discuss a student’s needs within a team environment to ensure that appropriate supports are available and consistent.

In some circumstances, mandatory and professional standards require the wellbeing team to share information without consent to others such as the Principal, parents or statutory/government agencies. This is in line with the child safe standards and mandatory reporting requirements. This includes:

  • Safety to self or others
  • A serious crime has been or is about to be committed
  • The school has been served a subpoena