Our Team

Our dedicated team includes award winning teachers, trainers, counsellors and youth workers, who collaboratively deliver the curriculum whilst supporting students to overcome personal barriers to educational achievement and develop the skills that are important for life and work.


Michael Scicluna
Stacey Bushell
Assistant Principal
Daniel McGrath
Business Manager
Craig Wotherspoon
Head of Wellbeing & Engagement
Deborah Arrowsmith
Head of Teaching & Learning
Darcie O'Sullivan
Individual Needs Coordinator
Jodie Long
Educational Research Lead
Head of Careers & Pathways


Education Support

Jen Austin
Education Support
Judi Gregory
Education Support
Kylie Croysdale
Education Support
Amanda Needham
Education Support
Narelle Spark
Education Support
Courtney Rix
Education Support
Athena Harmelin
Education Support
Melanie Edgar
Education Support
Craig Trewhitt
Food Studies


Aaron Quarrell
Learning Technologies Coordinator
Niklas Straub
Business & Compliance Coordinator
Michelle Ward
Braydon Wilders
Administration Trainee


Sam Rowe
Mental Health Practitioner
Tom Blanche
Youth Worker
Nicole Chambers
Adolescent Health Nurse
Jaime Rees
Mental Health Practitioner
Jane Graham
Wellbeing Dog

Careers & Pathways

Lima Fazilhaq
Youth Development Coach
Mandy Byrns
Pathways Officer
Ashley Cavigan
VET Teacher
Jessica Comfort
Pathways Officer
Nick Salerni
Community Engagement Officer