DSS Art Competition

The David Scott School hosted our first inaugural Art Competition for kids in our school community. Two DSS students, Emily and Maddy coordinated the project and received an overwhelming response.

The competition was open for children aged between 4 – 15 year olds and include family of students, staff or other members of our community. 

Entrants had one week, and had the chance to win prizes for winning one or more of the following categories, most creative, best story, most environmentally friendly and most inspiring.

Entries closed, 11th of September 2020.


First Prize – Bela S, Age 4, Rainbow Painting

Rainbow Painting – Bela S (Age 4)

Second Prize – Evie L, Age 11, Rainbow Earrings

Jewelery Rainbow – Evie L (Age 11)

Third Prize – Sam D, Age 12, Old Barn Photo

Photo – Sam D (Age 12)

Most inspiring: Audrey O’H, Age 7,  Hamburger Drawing

Big Hamburger Drawing – Audrey OH (Age 7)

Most creative: Phoebe M, Age 11,  Mixed Media

Mixed Media – Phoebe M (Age 11)

Best story: Ruby R, Water Colour

So this piece is based on the Japanese myth of Hanahaki diseases. It is cause by unrequited love. Flowers grow in the kings and they grow as the love gets stronger. Side affects of hanahaki are throwing up flowers and petals, and flowers can grow on the body. The are three ways to cure hanahaki. The first is to confess and the lover return their feelings. the second is to get the flowers removed surgically, but with the flowers come all the memories and feelings of the person they loved. The third is to die, the flowers will end up suffocating you

Most environmentally friendly: Luca N Age 7, Robot

Robot Sculpture – Luca N (Age 7)

Congratulations to our winners and a well done to all entrants!

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