We are eSmart!

eSmart Accredited

Over the last year, the David Scott School has worked toward reviewing our policies, practices and procedures to ensure that not only are we meeting our legislative obligations as a school to promote safe internet use but also that we do so through the implementation of eSmart a recognised, best practice framework.

eSmart is a long-term change program designed to educate, track, monitor and prevent bullying and cyberbullying.

The David Scott School are proud to have led the implementation of the eSmart accreditation, formed an eSmart committee and coordinated/embedded the adoption of the framework throughout the school in both policy and overall school culture.

Coincidentally, the sign arrived just in time for the commencement of National eSmart Week 2019 and will help the school to celebrate the achievement whilst further sharing the importance of safe, smart and respectful internet use.

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