A Message From Our School Council Chair

Dear School Community Members, 

This year is unfolding in a never ending cycle of challenges and difficulties, none more so than this week. I know many of you will have extra challenges at home through the return to lockdown and just the stress as a result of the impact of what’s happening. On behalf of the School Council and the Brotherhood of St. Laurence, I want to express our deeply felt thanks and appreciation for everything you are doing to help us help our young people.

In the midst of all this difficulty I have some good newsone dark cloud that has been hanging over the school all year has been the wellbeing of our Principal Catherine Arnold. Over these weeks I have spoken to Catherine many times and every time she has gone from strength to strength and I am delighted to announce that she has returned to work and resumed her role as of today (20/07/2020) I know you will be as delighted for Catherine as we are.

With Catherine’s return I wanted to especially thank the leadership team and Acting Principal, Stacey Bushell in particular. At Council we believe our school has a great leadership team and staff and that has been shown especially through this year. With Catherine’s return and our dedicated staff, we have a bright light in our future in what right now is a dark storm.

Should you have any concerns regarding the current situation and your child’s education, please contact the school on (03) 8781 5911.

Kind regards,

Ian Paroissien
Chair DSS Council

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